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Stunt Island

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Fly it! Film it! Edit it!
Stunt Island sets the new standard for simulations, combining a first-rate flight simulator with an extraordinary Hollywood film-making module. Play Stunt Island as a campaign, where you compete 32 challenging stunt flying assignments. Or let your imagination run wild as you create your own action-packed films!
Stunt Island was developed with the assistance of top Hollywood producers, stunt coordinators, set designers and pilots. It's the only flight simulator offering you a "crash course" on Hollywood!
• Do things you've never done before with a flight simulator - land on moving trains, play "chicken" with a truck on a crowded street, or pluck an escaping convict off a tower on Alcatraz Island.
• Choose any of 45 carefully crafted military and civilian aircraft, beautifully rendered with Gouraud shading.
• Fly in the stunt competition, or create and fly your own stunts.
• Position up to 8 cameras to capture all the action. Place cameras on moving cars or even in a spotter place, using your pan and zoom to stay right with the scene.
• Choose the location. Stunt Island is a huge self-contained 3-D world featuring 34 pre-built sets (large cities, small towns, a castle, LAX, a canyon, and more). Or build your own set from an inventory of more than 800 objects, famous landmarks and vehicles.
• Set vehicles in motion, trigger explosions, fire missiles... you have complete control over all the action.
• With film footage in hand, head for the editing facility, where you'll cut and splice the best camera angles into your action-packed film.
• Add music, sound, optical effects, credits, even your own voice-over (requires a compatible sound card).
• Existing stunts come with an auto edit feature to help you learn the ropes.
• Then, set the date for your Hollywood premiere!


Stunt Island Stunt Island
Stunt Island
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